Character Building (Scouting)

Character Building

The Salvation Army’s fun, safe and educational programs include moonbeams for pre-K and Kindergarten boys and girls, sunbeams for elementary girls, girl guards for young women, and adventure corps and scouts for boys and young men. Rooted in the scouting tradition, The Salvation Army’s character building programs are biblically based with caring, trained leaders.

Wednesday Nights at 5:30 P.M.



Moonbeams is a fun, international program for boys and girls aged 4-5. It teaches them about the world around them, to love God, to help others, and always do their best



Sunbeams is a fun program for girls ages 6 to 11 and teaches them to help at home, study and respect nature, and help others. The program also helps them grow in mind and spirit.




Girl Guards is for girls from 6th grade through the senior year of high school and is designed to teach them skills, and help them address issues with social, mental, physical, and spiritual needs and also gives them the opportunity to help the world around them.





Adventure Corps is designed to teach boys ages 6 through high school about working with others, community service, arts, Bible, family, culture, health, outdoor living, science, technology, sports, the world around them, and most importantly God.  The boys are split into two age groups: 6 to 11 the boys are called Explorers and 6th grade through high school the boys are Rangers.


Every summer at Camp Wonderland

in Camp Lake, WI, the groups work on various badges with other area Salvation Army Troops from the Chicagoland.